May 1, 2020

Todd McQueston and Matthew Geaghan of Nuix wrote an article on the 20th of February this year where they talked about how you get value out of a litigation database. 

And they are spot on when when they say that the best lawyers are constantly interested in their database, how to use it and reduce their data volume.

“The art of whittling is underrated. Like whittling wood, data whittling is the process of chipping away at a large body—all data that could be pertinent to a project—and narrowing it into something useful. In this case, it’s case data for the purposes of better managing, controlling, saving, and understanding projects and outcomes. We have customers using our end-to-end eDiscovery solution who whittle all the time to find discoverable information that may be relevant to their cases. It helps them reduce project time, save dollars and resources, ensure flexibility in their workflow, and control what data they need to use and share.” 

Please read the full article if you have a chance.