The ELMS Story

For many years I worked inside law firms managing and delivering the document management needs of those law firms. I became a specialist in what lawyers need to do and deliver during litigation, including the litigation management technology that supported that work.

One day, and the full story does involve a coffee shop and a logo drawn on a napkin (which is now our logo), a client said to me, “I know you have this rare combination of skills and I need you to manage the electronic discovery on another matter which is being handled by another law firm. I need your skills everywhere.”

And that was the day the founders and I realised that the solution we had been thinking and talking about for many years could be made a reality.  That there was a market for client centric electronic document management services for litigation which brought together clients, their lawyers and the technology solutions.

With the backing of its founder’s, ELMS has been in business for over 3 years now and from that one request we are now handling many terabytes of data and are making litigation management software accessible on every matter. We are excited about the new products that are coming to the market and which are continuing to make the power of the litigation management technology more and more accessible.

ELMS success has been and will continue to be centred around:

  • knowing the technology inside out;
  • being the connector between the technology, the lawyers and their clients; and
  • delivering value.

The team and I really look forward to working with you.

Kate Clark