Project Claim Ready

ELMS can provide project management services and support when clients are faced with disputes, claims, litigation or investigations.

Experienced across the life cycle of projects, from inception to delivery to dispute, our experts and consultants can help you understand, prepare for and manage your dispute and litigation landscape giving you the best chance of optimising the outcome for your situation.

Project planning is the key to preparing for, or better yet, avoiding a dispute.

How ELMS helps
• identify potential risks;
• develop strategies to mitigate risks;
• collaboration around risks (both external and internal); and
• record mapping.

What ELMS does
Risk identification: Independent examination of your project for potential exposure to claims based on more than 15 years of experience delivering projects, and knowledge of the potential legal consequences.

Strategic input: Undertake an independent assessment of claims positioning and strategy, identify potential outcomes and provide reporting support for boards and advisory board presentations.

Team management: Helping the operational team understand and manage their internal and external responsibilities in light of potential claim or dispute scenarios, including relevant training and mentoring.

Record mapping: Identify and implement your record keeping processes, anticipating potential future issues and making recommendations.

Common problems faced:
• development of a detailed project litigation strategy that accounts for litigation risks;
• selecting and managing the right team, including lawyers, experts and advisors;
• training and mentoring team members ;
• reporting to and genuinely informing stakeholders; and
• ability to efficiently access records and information.