Project Claim Team

Identifying and managing your project team in the early stages of a claim can have a significant impact on the outcome and efficiency of a claim. It is a time-consuming and often fraught process that can be hard to fit into your day job.

How ELMS helps

  • selecting your internal team – technical, administration, legal, managers, financial and other stakeholders;
  • building your external team – eDiscovery consultants, lawyers, claims managers, barristers, experts and consultants; and
  • pre-claim and litigation training and management.

What ELMS does

Team interface management: Setting up the claims management approach.

Stakeholder management: Making sure the right people are getting the right information to make effective and strategic decisions.

Cost management: Develop and monitor budgets to avoid unexpected cost overruns or unnecessary work.

Witness support: Identifying potential witnesses, both internal and external, and helping them understand and navigate what it means to be a witness while developing familiarity of the litigation and court processes.

Systems development: Setting up processes and tools that support the team to effectively manage the litigation.

Litigation management: ongoing management of your litigation team and internal stakeholders.

Common problems faced:

  • loss of documentation;
  • building a cohesive team during stressful times;
  • stakeholder engagement and effective decision making;
  • ineffective management of legal costs; and
  • systems and processes being implemented too late and not being complied with.