Project Claim Review

Learning from experience is key to avoiding the same scenario ending up in Court again. To do this, a ‘lessons learned’ workshop which identifies all of the learnings across the business can deliver vital knowledge for operations, processes and procedures, and your people.

How ELMS helps

  • Workshop facilitation – brings together relevant parties to review the claim, identify lessons learned, and agree actions for the future.

What ELMS does

Review: with an in-depth understanding of the judgment and the business operations, ELMS works with relevant teams across the business to identify weaknesses, and update and implement procedures to minimise the chances of it happening again.

Common problems faced:

  • business as usual – time constraints prevent in-depth analysis and understanding of the underlying causes of claims;
  • the litigation experience is not shared with the business more broadly;
  • lose opportunity to resolve record keeping problems that had to be overcome during the litigation; and
  • not recognising and acknowledging the effort of handling the litigation.