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ELMS’ eDiscovery litigation software of choice – Nuix Discover.

Nuix Discover delivers end-to-end eDiscovery without compromise. Nuix Discover combines the world’s
leading eDiscovery processing, review, analytics and predictive coding in one software solution to help you
uncover critical details faster and integrate them into your strategy for litigation and regulatory cases.

Nuix Discover gives you the processing, analytics, review and automation power you need to master the
details of any legal matter, no matter what size, challenge or complexity.

Everchron Logo

Everchron – collaborative chronology building and generation of advanced witness files in real time, instantly forming connections between witnesses, documents and issues.

 Everchron is a revolutionary case management and analysis platform for lawyers. It brings together all of the information you need in a collaborative workspace for your entire team. And it does it in a way that’s fast, effective, and intuitive.