Introducing EVERCHRON

Apr 18, 2021

Here at ELMS we are always playing with new tech.

And EVERCHRON is the next must have piece of kit for lawyers handling claims – focusing around the more complex task of chronology building and generating advanced witness files, instantly forming connections between witnesses, documents and issues.

For litigators, this is the next step in your approach to litigation preparation. It will allow you to develop chronologies and undertake witness preparation in a collaborative online platform with your team.It is going to change the way you approach case preparation and your relationships with your team, counsel and clients.

Imagine having all of your case’s key documents fully text-searchable and organised by witnesses and issue – available to you in real time with your preparation notes – during meetings, mediations, witness preparation and trial.

For in-house counsel this tool can also let you manage multiple claims on a single collaborative platform with your external lawyers giving you real time visibility into case preparation.

We’d love to show you what this tool can do. Call us for a free demonstration today!