Everything is Awesome – if you have a good document naming convention!

Nov 2, 2020

Now this will label me as full geek I know.

There is a debate out there that the day of document naming conventions is over – we can just use really good search engines to find everything easily.

But I say no! A good document naming convention contains a wealth of valuable information that makes everything, including searching for documents in a litigation database, easier, especially for construction projects.

To give you a (publicly available and non-client specific) example, these are the requirements set out in the QUT Document Naming Convention Guidelines. It requires that electronic files need to be named with the following document naming convention.


GDL = document type

TILSDocNaming = document title

V1 = version number

20160226 = the date of the document

Whilst this is a simple document naming convention, it is an extremely rich source of information.  I can find information by document type, title, version number or date. I know that I can use this trove of information to find relevant documents fast. In a construction project this information can be complex and is very useful to locate drawings or other construction phase documents which may not necessarily contain text to search across.

If your document naming convention is well designed and used consistently they are a godsend and notwithstanding all of the technology we have to hand, we should definitely not being throwing these little babies out with the bathwater.

Document naming conventions are a little slice of awesome in our world!