12 Easy Shortcuts for Lawyers Doing Discovery

Dec 17, 2020

Using computer software is helped immensely by using shortcuts – the little tricks that help you use software quickly and efficiently.

We’ve taken 12 of our favourite shortcuts and made videos to show you exactly how they work.   We hope you find one that you can add to your tool box!

Shortcut 1 – Open A New Workspace

Shortcut 2 – Rename A File

Shortcut 3 – Copy, Paste and Cut

Shortcut 4 – Split and Move Screens

Shortcut 5 – Advanced Find in Word

Shortcut 6 – New Line Feed in Excel

Shortcut 7 – New Folder in Windows Explorer

Shortcut 8 – Find and Replace in Word

Shortcut 9 – Selecting Cells in Excel

Shortcut 10 – Hot Keys in Excel

Shortcut 11 – Undo and Redo in Word

Shortcut 12 – Repeating Data in Excel