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ELMS provides efficient, on-demand, cost effective litigation technology and eDiscovery solutions for law firms, corporate clients, insurers and insolvency practitioners. Together we can cut the time, costs and burden associated with document review and litigation management.

eDiscovery as an On-Demand Service

At ELMS we know that the problem you are working on is unique, that your document landscape is large, complex and changeable and that litigation database technology requires a combination of legal and technical expertise.

With cloud-based eDiscovery technology, these solutions are more affordable and accessible than ever before.

With ELMS as your on-demand eDiscovery partner, you can handle any sized case with confidence.

ELMS is focused on you, by:

  • choosing the technology that best suits your matter;
  • using technology to solve problems, drive value and reduce legal spend;
  • understanding your document landscape; and
  • achieving effective communication between you, your clients, IT departments and the eDiscovery providers.

Join Kate for the Centre for Legal Innovation's (CLI) FREE eDiscovery Series!

Kate Clark has partnered with CLI to take part in their Digital Literacy Series and will be presenting a 5 episode series on eDiscovery.

Kate will be joined by a panel of experts sharing practical experience and candid insights, addressing such questions as What makes for an effective and efficient eDiscovery process? What are the stages and what’s involved in each one of them? What capabilities do you need for your eDiscovery Team? What tech tools should you use? And, how do you make this all work together?

ELMS Services include:

  • Consulting – general advice on your litigation and eDiscovery strategy;
  • eDiscovery Services – supporting you at every step of the eDiscovery journey, from identification of document sources through to trial;
  • Quick PST (Email Inbox) Review – helps you easily and cost-effectively review an individual’s emails, often sent via a PST file;
  • Early Claims Assessment – lets you review large volumes of documentary material using an eDiscovery database;
  • Early Investigations – enables insolvency firms to carry out an investigation of a company’s documentary material;
  • Nuix – ELMS’ eDiscovery litigation software of choice; and
  • Everchron – latest tech in collaborative chronology building and generating advanced witness files in real time, instantly forming connections between witnesses, documents and issues.


What Our Clients Say

They provide a superior service

ELMS has a deep knowledge of the mix between both the IT and legal processes in litigation. They provide a superior service and are expert at getting into the systems and extracting data quickly. The team is very proactive and always willing to help.

Wendy Barker

former Senior Legal Counsel, Arup

The team at ELMS know exactly what they are doing

Working with ELMS was a very satisfying experience. Their service standards are outstanding, being those to which we aspire ourselves. They are highly skilled in eDiscovery. The team at ELMS know exactly what they are doing and deal with everything calmly, quickly and professionally.

Stephen Thompson

Partner, Colin Biggers & Paisley

Kate and the team speak my language

ELMS provides exceptional service.  Kate and the team speak my language, understand the challenges I face, and understand what I need better than anyone else. They are practical problem solvers and cognisant of the time pressures I face, always responding quickly and accurately. Nothing is too much trouble. And above all, the team at ELMS are lovely to deal with.

Nicholas Andreatidis QC,

Barrister, Level 27 Chambers

ELMS’ service is second to none

No-one else is as adept as ELMS in the management of documents in litigation. Given today’s nature of electronic communication, eDiscovery is vital. ELMS delivers meaningful benefits to me, my team and most importantly my clients. Getting ELMS involved in a matter as soon as possible ensures that metadata integrity is maintained, efficiencies are created early, and costs are controlled. ELMS’ service is second to none. They have a greater depth of knowledge around legal processes and the Court system than any other provider, and work with me to provide flexible solutions.

Millie Russell

Partner, Russells Lawyers

My preferred eDiscovery provider

ELMS is my preferred eDiscovery services provider. Not only is their platform easy to use and understand, their client service is excellent. The team is thorough and responsive. They get things done quickly and give me the answers I need in the way that I want. I also appreciate that they are alive to the sensitivity of confidentiality.

Lachlan Boughton

Senior Associate, Colin Biggers & Paisley

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