Assisting legal teams to get to
the facts faster and
understand their case better.


ELMS is focused on assisting our clients to:

  • understand the processes involved in the eDiscovery timeline and where they can reduce legal spend;
  • understand the client’s document landscape for the whole organisation and each individual within it;
  • assist the client, the client’s in-house IT department, the law firm and the eDiscovery provider to communicate effectively and understand each other’s requirements;
  • assist the law firms with no in-house capability to manage the electronic documents throughout the eDiscovery timeline and work more efficiently.

Discovery from a Client’s perspective

  • Discovery is easily perceived as expensive, slow and disruptive. There is limited visibility of what you are buying and what is driving the costs.
  • There are significant friction points between the client, including its IT systems and IT staff, and the lawyers, various IT consultants and software providers of “litigation software” undertaking the discovery task.
  • There is limited good coordinated management of the discovery process across the client’s organisation, the lawyers and the various IT consultants. Very few lawyers have deep understanding of the technology being used to deliver the discovery task, their client’s IT operations and document architecture and the interactions between the two.
  • There appears to be a loss of the document landscape in the process. We seem to be able to see all the trees but rarely understand the forest as a whole.

ELMS can assist InHouse Counsel and law firms to navigate the phases of the eDiscovery timeline and to work efficiently in order to get a better outcome.

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